CONNECTOR PUBLISHING has been a leading publishing house in the UAE for the last twenty years and has a reputation for being focused on quality of production and customer service.

The company's mission is to provide its readers, both residents and tourists, with unparalleled and comprehensive information on the UAE and to offer local businesses and service providers an extremely efficient medium for their marketing activities.

"Keeping you connected" defines the philosophy of CONNECTOR PUBLISHING's business, which is to bring businesses and consumers together as well as to keep readers updated on the latest events, products and services available to them. Launched in October 1991 CONNECTOR MAGAZINE has become a 'must have' magazine amongst the residents of the UAE who rely on the information it provides. In response to the enormous popularity of CONNECTOR in the hospitality industry, and due to Dubai's demand for a tourist guide, CONNECTOR PUBLISHING launched DISCOVER DUBAI in November 2005.

Adding to the portfolio, the recently launched is the exciting new user-friendly, interactive website for both residents and tourists. This information is accessible through every worldwide search engine, giving excellent advertising opportunities and ensuring maximum visibility to businesses online. The website features a huge online directory, an array of exciting competitions and the free CONNECTOR LOYALTY CARD which provides discounts and offers on a variety of activities, salons, spas and restaurants across Dubai.